Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make rservations for my dog?

Call 870-763-5729 to schedule your reservations. A registration form will be emailed or faxed. This form contains infoamation about your dog to help us provide the best care possible.

What do I bring with my dog to boarding?

Your dog will have a much better stay with us if he has a few comforts of home with him. Specifically, his tummy will be much happier if he eats his normal food, so we ask that you bring food from home in individual bags or a sealed container (no open food bags). You can also bring a tshirt or something from home that smells like you. Your scent will help your pet feel more relaxed. Please bring any medications your pet may need – we administer meds at no additional charge. Beds are provided in rooms, so we ask those not to be brought from home. We prefer that you don’t bring toys, because the dogs tend to take them out of their rooms to share with their friends, which means you may never see that fluffy porcupine again. Finally, please do not bring food or water bowls as those are provided as well (including slow feeders, elevated feeders, or extra large bowls – we promise we have it all!)

Are reservations required?

Yes. We know things sometimes come up last minute and we will always do our best to accommodate if you give us a heads up. Like most boarding facilities, we sell out during holidays, so we recommend booking several weeks in advance.

What is required for my dog to stay at Bed and Biscuit?

All dogs must be up to date on vaccinations for Rabies (1 or 3 year), Bordetella (every 6 months), and DHLPP. If your dog is nearing his due date for vaccines, please remember that Bordetella vaccines must be given at least 48 hours before arriving at the boarding facility. . If you would like your dog to participate in group play while boarding, the following requirements also apply: (1) Puppies must be at least 16 weeks old (must have had 3 rounds of vaccination and a negative fecal test). (2) Dogs must be spayed or neutered by age 8 months. (3) Dogs must be on flea/tick prevention and be flea-free upon arrival.

What will my dog do during the day?

Provided your dog meets the requirements, your dog will participate in all the off-leash playtime fun. Wakeup call is at 8am. Our boarders get a morning break for breakfast in their rooms, and boarders have dinner in their rooms at 6:30pm. Everyone gets a bedtime potty break at 8pm, and lights-out is at 8:30pm.

Can I call and check on my dog during their stay?

Of course!!. You can also text our Pack Phone at 870-278-3768 for updates. We also believe pictures are worth a thousand wags, so we post them daily on our Facebook.

What if my dog is old, cranky, or has a health condition?

Every pet’s age and any health conditions or advisories are noted on his chart, and staff are informed of dogs who may need extra breaks, medicines, or who aren’t playful like their young counterparts. Oftentimes older pets do enjoy the company of others, and prefer watching them from a comfy cot on the sidelines. And, as always, we administer medication at no additional charge.

What times can I pick up or drop off?
Your dog will have a better start to his vacation if he is dropped off in the morning. This allows for ample social time and activity, which will help him eat and rest better. Boarding pick up and drop-offs are accepted Monday to Friday 8:30 AM to 6:PM. , Saturday and Sunday 8:00 AM to10 AM and 4:00 PM to 6: PM Late pickup can be arranged.